Our Resin products are all genuine one of items as each product takes its own design when using alcohol inks , we have a great variety of colours and a large selection of different molds , all products are made to order unless you want any of the products bellow , the process of resin making is a long one , after the resin is mixed with the hardner , it can then take up to 48 hrs to cure . after this the product then gets trimmed and buffered for perfection and where needed.in items such as costers we can personalize them by adding a photo , hair cutting ,message or other items you may like inserted to the item . all you have to do is get in touch with picture attatched to message or  to gain address of where to send your personal item.

Our Ashtrays 

  if you would like an ashtray to be used rather than as an ornament please let us know as a totally different resin is needed .

Resin ashtray ornament
Resin ashtray ornament
Resin ashtray ornament

measurements are

width 11and a half cm

depth 5cm

Hash leaf ashtray ornament

Hash Leaf Ashtray ornament sizes are width 14cm , depth 2cm



width 6.5cm, depth 3.4cm and length 11.7cm

resin coffin and lid
Resin white Coffin
Resin unicorn

These beautiful unicorn,s are

9.5cm tall

12.5cm long and width is 4.5cm

clear coffin and lid
Resin unicorn

Love , Home and Family with lights inserted through the words ,to give a stunning finish.

Resin home sign with lights

Home 21cm long

6cm high

1cm depth

resin love sign with lights

Love 20cm long

7.5 high

1cm depth

Resin family sign with lights

Family 24cm long

6cm high

1cm depth

resin crown trinket box
resin hexagon trinket box
resin elegant trinket box
resin heart trinket box
round resin trinket box
Lettered key chains £5.50 each
lettered keychain £5.50
keychains  £5.50
Key chains £5.50

Makeup brush holder

Makeup brush holder £8

Wine bottle and glass holder

wine and glass holder £15